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When a living being is described, it is necessary to indicate its main features.
1) Group: What group does it belong to ? ( mammals, arthropods, etc.. )
2) Features : Indicate how are:

3) Feeding:

4) Breathing:
By lungs.
By gills.
Through the skin .
By trachea.

5) Where they live: Jungle, desert, tree, land , water, sea, river, house, farm, ......

Example 1. Describe a scorpion.


It is an invertebrate animal that belongs to arachinds. It has got a hard exoskeleton with a flattened shape, eight jointed legs , a pair of claws and a segmented tail ending with a poisonous stinger. It is carnivorous and a dangerous animal . It does not have wings and it cannot fly. It lays eggs and it usually lives in dry places like deserts.